The best face paints in 2021 for parties, carnivals, school performances and Halloween

Do you want your child to grow up creative, self-confident, have good motor skills, easily interact with other children and be happy in general? All this can be achieved with face paints.

Face paints are a great way to make your kids’ party look original and fun. However, you don’t even need a special excuse to use them. Face painting is great fun for every day.

On the other hand, choosing a really good paint is difficult. Therefore, we made this small review so that you know what the best face paints are.

The best face paints in 2021 for parties

How to choose the best face paint on Amazon?

Price and beautiful packaging are clearly not what you should look out for when choosing face paint. There are actually three things you really need to pay attention to.


This is the most important principle that you must follow. Do not be seduced by a low price. Good cannot be cheap. If a product is cheap, it may mean that it contains low quality or illegal components.

Pay attention to what constituent components are indicated on the packaging. You must remember that cadmium, formaldehyde, lead are extremely harmful to the child. If the list of components contains the above or are unknown to you, or the components are not indicated at all, it is better to refuse to purchase such paints.

In general, face paints must comply with FDA requirements, only then can they be considered safe. Generally, paints made in the USA meet these requirements (although not always). Also, they often correspond to paints produced in the EU countries. In other countries, paint compliance with FDA standards can be a problem. Therefore, you should carefully study all the information about the product and the manufacturer before deciding on a purchase.


The best face paint makeup shouldn’t be irritating. However, some children may have an individual insensitivity to face paints. Skin irritation or an allergic reaction may occur. For children who have a significant amount of acne on their face, the use of paints is not recommended.

Before using the paint on your face, test the skin reaction elsewhere, such as your hand. If the skin does not irritate after application, you can try applying it to your face. If you experience irritation, remove the paint from your hand and apply a moisturizer to the area. For more detailed advice regarding the use of paints, consult your doctor.

Paint type

– Regular. This is the most common type of paint that must be thinned with water before use. After that, you can start applying them with a brush. The advantage of these paints is that they dry quickly and stay on the face for a long time. It is also easy and simple to wash them off.

– Cream. A highly pigmented product that provides long-lasting color results, can be used on the face and body, has a semi-matte finish and a variable coverage from translucent to intense. All colors of this product are easy to mix to achieve a unique individual shade. Texture – creamy does not dry out on the body, which allows you to change or shade the color at any time.

– Crayons. They are also cream-based and ready to paint without prior preparation. You just take a chalk in your hand and you can already start drawing. They are best suited for young children.

What are the best face paints for children in 2021?

Kryvaline Face Paint Kit

In our opinion, this set is the best face paints for sensitive skin. In addition to safe paints, the set includes professional brushes, artificial jewelry, excellent stencils for applying paints, as well as a user manual. This set is perfect for creating any look.

The safety of the paints is confirmed by FDA compliance. In addition, the stencils themselves have special rounded edges so as not to scratch the skin during use. Therefore, even children can use the kit.

After use, the paint is easily washed off the face, so you don’t need any special products to remove it.

• Suitable for both children and adults • Professional brushes included • Sealed packaging • The best face paints for sensitive skin  • The kit lacks something that would allow you to glue the included jewelry

Blue squid paint set

Do you want to know what the best face paint is for professional? He is in front of you. The kit contains all the necessary colors, as well as brushes and stencils. With its help, you can quickly paint the faces of a whole horde of children.

The paints do not contain toxic components and are fully FDA compliant. However, the manufacturer prudently warns that in any case, you should test the paints on your hand before applying them to your face.

Before using, the paints must be moistened with water. After use, they can be removed from the face with soap and water.

By purchasing the kit, you can use the online manual from the manufacturer, which includes video tutorials. They will allow you to quickly master the basics of face painting.

• Availability of bright colors • Suitable for any event • Easy to learn to use • The manufacturer guarantees a refund if the product does not fit  • Not very good arrangement of materials in the package

Set of crayons Blue Squid

Perfect war paint: top 10 best face paint

Perhaps now you suspect us that we are fans of Blue Squid. In fact, we are just a fan of quality products, and Blue Squid has it that way.

If you’re new to face painting and aren’t ready to pick up a paintbrush yet, crayons are a great alternative. They are extremely easy to use. Even children can handle this. Trust them to paint each other. You can be sure they can do it!

Crayons do not contain harmful substances or allergens and are intended specifically for the delicate baby skin.

• Large number of colors • Ease of use • Availability of online manual  • In the sun, paint may melt over time


These products of the British manufacturer are the standard of European quality. Paints fully comply with both European requirements and FDA. You can be sure to buy the best face paint makeup.

The paint does not irritate the skin and dries quickly. This is important, especially if you are painting the faces of children who do not like to wait too long and want to see the result quickly.

The set contains 12 colors, as well as glitter gels, sponges and brushes – everything you need to create a great look. If this is your first time taking on this business, don’t worry. The manufacturer has provided a step-by-step guide to help you quickly master the basics of painting a face.

• Non-toxic and odorless • Easy to wash off • Recommended by dermatologists• Liquid glitter gel may smear paint

Face painting kit

As many as 32 stencils in the set plus a free e-book! These are some of the best face paints for both adults and children. The tutorials will allow you to quickly get the hang of creating fabulous faces on your faces.

The paints contain extremely safe ingredients that are not harmful to children’s skin, therefore they are recommended for use by dermatologists and comply with FDA requirements.

Once applied to your face, the paint dries in minutes, so you don’t have to wait long. It can also be removed simply with a soapy damp cloth or wet wipes.

The set contains 8 colors, which is less than in other similar sets. But its price is also lower. It is perfect for those moms and dads who are taking up business for the first time.

• A large number of stencils • Lots of ideas in the online manual • Recommended for beginners• Few colors

Zenovika palette

Zenovika is synonymous with quality. In the set you will find 15 colors, 3 brushes, 2 glitter containers and as many as 60 stencils. This is more than anyone else’s. You will have to host quite a few parties to try them all. Thanks to this set, you will be able to provide your children with a great time and make them incredibly happy.

The paints are easy to start using. To do this, just moisten them a little with water – and they will be ready for use. Once the party is over, you can easily remove the paint from your face with a sponge. You don’t need special makeup removers.

The set is hypoallergenic, therefore it is recommended for children. You can be sure that it is completely safe and will not put time on the delicate baby skin.

• 15 vibrant colors • 60 stencils • Paints are hypoallergenic• The price is slightly overpriced

Midnight Glo glowing paints

This is a great choice for those planning to throw a party outside when the sun has already set. The colors glow in the dark, which makes them simply gorgeous. Children will be happy.

The paints have a cream base and do not contain toxic materials such as lead or cadmium. They have been tested and proven to be harmless to baby skin. Therefore, you can safely apply them without fear of negative consequences.

The paint is used sparingly so you don’t need to apply thick paint to get the desired glow effect. So they will be enough for you for a long time.

However, when applying to your face, you need to be careful not to stain your clothes. Some fabrics can be difficult to remove.

• Glow in the dark • Do not contain harmful substances• 6 colors in total • Does not always wash well


Finally, we want to give you some valuable tips on how to choose the best face paint on Amazon:

– Trust the products only from trusted manufacturers, preferably from the USA or Europe.

– Check what is in the paint and avoid products where the composition is not specified or hazardous substances are indicated.

– Check products for FDA compliance.

– Before applying to the face, be sure to test on the hand to identify possible irritation or allergic reaction.

– Keep paints out of the reach of small children. The paint is not edible.

– Do not let the paint on your face for longer than the manufacturer recommends.

Be sure to rinse off the paint before bed.

We hope that our review and tips will be useful to you and now you know what is the best face paint for children.

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