13 the best face paints for halloween

Halloween is a great time to experiment with makeup. If not every girl finds the courage to come to a party in a wedding dress or in a nurse’s dressing gown, then at least she tried to draw her eyes and lips with a black pencil. Drawings will be a great addition to the image, because ordinary makeup, no matter how dramatic colors it is done, is still too boring for Halloween. It is very convenient to draw on the face with the help of face painting, which is now in the arsenal of every makeup artist.

best face paints for halloween

The best face paint for halloween, which look scary

Если вы хотите напугать потусторонних существ, вам необходимо выглядеть устрашающе. Впрочем, будьте готовы к тому, что вы напугаете заодно и людей.

Skull look

In recent years, this makeup has received not only popularity, but also a real artistic embodiment. The main features of the skull remain unchanged: the eye sockets and nose are drawn in black, the teeth are indicated. But often make-up artists do not stop there and, on the basis of an ominous image, create beautiful makeup, complemented by floral motifs, openwork patterns and bright colors.

Sugar Skull

African motifs are one of the best face paints for halloween, combining the atmosphere of the holiday with the national ideas of the inhabitants of Africa about the appearance of evil deities. Ornaments and swirls are relatively easy to draw if your hand isn’t shaking. However, be prepared that you will have to draw several dozen such ornaments.

Skeleton jaw

Perhaps this is one of the most popular drawings that will never lose its relevance. If you do not want to turn your entire face into an image of a skull, then the wave can be limited to the jaw of the skeleton.

Psychedelic double vision

You will have to work hard to learn how to create this image on your face, if only because you will need to learn how to create mirror images of the eyes. If one does not look like the other, it will already be a psychedelic double vision, but something else. Probably even more terrifying. Get ready to spend more than a dozen hours in front of the mirror to get the hang of the art of creating this image.

The best face paint for halloween, which look cute


If there are witches at the party, then there must be cats. There are many versions of “cat” makeup, and all of them allow you not to abandon the usual decorative techniques: both eyelashes and eyebrows must be painted. Eyes require a fairly strong selection: false eyelashes can be glued on. The image will make recognizable the cat’s “nose”, traced in black pencil.

Fawn Bambi

Not everyone likes to transform into scary and repulsive characters. For those who prefer the Anti-Halloween party to the society of witches and vampires, a cute and cute image will do. For example, you can reincarnate as a fawn. To do this, using eyeliner and false eyelashes, you need to emphasize the eyes. A bronzer will help to give your face a brown tint, and white pencil spots on the cheeks and a black nose will complete the look.

Pink Rabbit

Yes … this, of course, is not a Halloween image, but it can also take place due to the simplicity of its execution. A couple of workouts – and you can paint yourself in front of the mirror on your own in just a few minutes.


Always a very beautiful and effective image. To repeat it, you need to stock up on special materials: a coating with a pearlescent effect and rhinestones that imitate scales and drops of water.

Another best face paint ideas for Halloween

Another best face paint ideas for Halloween


The girl in the mask always looks beautiful and mysterious. In the meantime, getting a real Halloween mask is not necessary. If you have artistic skills, you can simply draw it with a cosmetic pencil, and then decorate the drawing with gel with sparkles or rhinestones. For all the simplicity of the idea, this makeup is sure to be one of the most original at the party.


Girls do not often exploit the image of Peter Parker so that the guest in the Spider-Man mask goes unnoticed. For the drawing, you will need a red base and liquid black eyeliner. With their help, it is enough to draw only a part of the mask, and a spectacular lip and eye makeup will complete the image.

Zombie pop art

Such an unusual interpretation of the popular image will appeal to lovers of modern art. Of course, such a drawing is much easier and faster to make than a realistic zombie make-up. You will need cosmetics of unnaturally bright, contrasting colors. Alternatively, you can paint only half of the face.

Gansta clown

If you are a fan of bank robbery movies, you will surely love this Ganst the clown look. At first glance, it may seem that this image is not quite suitable for a Halloween theme, but it is not. After all, the main idea of ​​Halloween face drawings is to scare away evil spirits. And the frightening appearance of an evil armed clown is just what is needed to scare away all otherworldly creatures.

Broken porcelain doll

This image cannot be called frightening, but its creation is one of the simplest and fastest. Often, even a beginner with little experience can make this image on his own in front of a mirror, if he knows how to draw thin neat lines of “cracks”. This look is perfect for girls who still want to look as attractive as possible on Halloween, and not frightening.

We hope you find these ideas interesting. Or, alternatively, they will inspire you to create new best face paint ideas for Halloween that will spark interest at a Halloween party.

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