Perfect war paint: top 10 best face paint

Хотите развлечь ваших детей на вечеринке? Порадуйте их великолепной забавой с разрисовыванием лиц. Это подарит им массу удовольствия. Однако имейте в виду, что к покупке красок для лица нужно подходить с умом. В этом обзоре мы расскажем, как правильно выбрать краски и what is the best brand of face paint for children. 

Perfect war paint:  top 10 best face paint

What is the best face paint?

Modern professional products for it are mainly made on an oil basis, while for children – on a water basis. The first variety in some cases can also be used by children, since it is chemically safe, but the second is different in that it is very easy to wash off, allowing you to quickly eliminate the consequences of a failed creative experiment.

Therefore, for parents who are going to start painting the faces of children for the first time, water-based paints are recommended so that you can quickly wash off an unsuccessful drawing and start over. For those parents who have already learned all the wisdom of painting faces, we can also recommend oil-based paints.

What is the best brand of face paint for children?

As a small review, we have created this selection, which includes top 10 best face paint. It includes both very simple products for babies and more serious palettes, up to professional kits for creating body art. We paid special attention to ensuring that these products do not contain toxic substances and allergens, please with the brightness of shades and are easily washed off the skin.

Ophir Body Art Paints

The paints come in 16 different vibrant shades to create a complete work of art on your face or body. They have a safe composition, do not contain harmful chemical components and do not cause allergic reactions. The highly pigmented water-based paints are easy to apply and blend if desired. If it is necessary to obtain a softer, pastel undertone, a small amount of paint is diluted with water until the desired color is obtained. Face painting adheres well to the skin, while it can be easily washed off with clean water and soap or washed off with a damp cloth. For themed events, it is suitable for both children and adults.

Face painting Professional Body Art S0015

The palette of these paints for body art has 15 different shades: from neutral backgrounds to extraordinarily bright and saturated. The highly pigmented composition is water-based, does not contain dangerous chemical impurities and allergens, and is easily and smoothly applied to the skin. To obtain lighter colors and mix them into completely new, unusual combinations, it is enough to slightly dilute the paints with water. Face painting allows you to create original and elegant thematic patterns on the face during the holidays, to transform into your favorite television characters, to complement the face with characteristic, recognizable elements when creating cosplay.

Micro Joy Neon Body Art Paint

This set consists of five incredibly bright neon shades of creamy texture, enclosed in compact tubes, from which it is convenient to dispense the required amount of paint. This face painting also looks different in different lighting conditions. In sunlight or artificial light, paints are striking in their saturation of shades and deep pigments. In the dark or under ultraviolet rays, they are noticeable from afar, shine with luminescent light. Face painting is ideal for children’s parties, carnivals and matinees, and for adults – as a stylish accessory for a fashionable party. Its composition is safe, does not contain allergens and harmful substances.

Pencils for baby body art Crayon Sticks Twistable

12 bright pencils of a convenient shape are made in the form of lipstick, have slightly rounded tips, so it will be convenient and safe for children to use them on their own. In addition to decorating the face during the holidays, this type of face painting opens up the widest scope for children’s creativity, stimulates the child’s imagination and develops a sense of beauty. The pencils are water-based, do not contain toxic substances and are safe for allergy sufferers. In order to draw a thin and visible line, it is recommended to wet the tip of the pencil. Make-up can be easily removed from the skin or with soap and water, or with a regular wet wipe.

Face and Body Crayons for boys and girls

Perfect war paint:  top 10 best face paint

The set includes as many as 24 different shades of face paint and is suitable for absolutely all cases when it becomes necessary to apply a pattern to the skin. The variety of colors allows you to create interesting images for both girls and boys, create cosplays, make up for the New Year and Halloween, copy your favorite characters. Girls, imitating their mothers, can begin to comprehend the secrets of makeup. A safe formula that does not contain toxic substances, does not have a detrimental effect on the delicate baby skin, does not cause allergies. Pencils leave clear, highly visible marks and can be easily wiped off with a regular damp cloth.

Etereauty Body Art Kit

This set contains everything you need to create a true masterpiece of body art on your face. It includes 16 bright shades of paint containing quality pigments; tubes with a luminescent coating and a thick liquid imitating real blood; silver and gold glitter; handy brushes and a whole set of stencils with a recognizable Halloween theme. Oil-based paints are easily applied to the skin, blend well, have a safe composition that does not contain toxic and allergenic components. The pattern is easily washed off from the skin when using clean water and soap, it does not stick in and does not leave marks.

Pencils for children’s face painting MicroJoy

This set consists of 6 very bright neon pencils for children’s creativity, with which it is convenient and safe to draw on the face and other parts of the body, which little ones love to do. Pencils are made in the form of sticks, with soft rounded tips, which exclude the possibility of accidental injury. Their writing base is enclosed in a transparent plastic case, so your hands do not get dirty while drawing. As the sewing proceeds, the rod moves forward with a simple push. Pencils are made of high quality, non-toxic material, can be easily removed with soap and water. In addition to neon, you can choose a set with discreet shades.

Browitzki Professional Body Art Kit

This set can be useful not only for children, but also for many adults. It contains everything you need to do a fancy makeup before an original photo shoot, beautify your face and body while going to a theme party. For children, the kit is indispensable during matinees, various festive events, for which 30 small stencils are provided. In addition, there are stencils for several complex ornaments and two sets of sequins of different sizes in cold and warm colors. The kit also includes brushes, sponges and a palette of paints itself, containing both individual and already mixed stripes of suitable shades.

YLJ18611 Body Painting Paint

This version of paint for body art is more suitable for adults, although in some cases it can also be useful for children, for example, those who are engaged in costumed theater or circus studios. The paint is absolutely safe for the body, does not contain toxic substances and allergens. It has an oil base, so it can be removed either with soap and water or with cosmetics to remove makeup. The set includes two palettes, one of which has cream, background shades, and the other is very bright, accent. With their help, you can create not only an amateur drawing on the skin, but also a professional make-up, paint a whole picture on it.

Perfect war paint:  top 10 best face paint


We hope you found this small review helpful. And now, when you are going to please children with a fun themed party, you will know exactly what is the best face paint and you will not be mistaken in your choice.

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