Review of the best face paint brands

best face paint brands

Do you want to please the kids with a themed party? Make it really fun by painting the faces. Both boys and girls will enjoy it immensely.

Types of face paints

Before we look at the question of what is the best brand of face paint, let’s start with what kind of face paint actually exist.

There are several options for body paints. Products are produced on the basis of:

– water (face painting);

– alcohol solution;

– valuable oils;

– silicone;

– chocolate.

The consistency of the coating is:

– liquid;

– creamy;

– pressed.

Classification by release form:

– crayons;

– the pencils;

– markers;

– glitters;

– sprays.

Also, similar products differ in the methods of application. Dyes can be designed to work on different parts of the body – face, torso, arms or legs.

How the composition is applied

Currently, there are several ways to apply body art paint to the face.

The most famous face paint brands offer various options. The choice depends on the complexity of the drawing, its location, type of coverage, as well as the client’s wealth and the time allocated for work. All considered methods can be combined.

General rules for creating a high-quality drawing:

1.   Before starting a clean version, you should draw a sketch of the future image (you can practice on paper, make a stencil).

2.   It is necessary to first remove hairs from the skin, clean it and cover it with a moisturizer.

3.   First of all, you need to create a background, and then, after drying, draw details and shadows (if the image is three-dimensional).

4.   When the drawing is ready, you can additionally decorate it with rhinestones or decorate it in another way.

A brush and a sponge

A sponge usually creates the background of an image, and with a brush, details are drawn. Brushes vary in size and are made from different materials. The final version depends on the wishes of the customer and the selected drawing. The main thing is not to stick out extra bristles that can leave smears.

This method of coating does not require large material costs, but there are disadvantages:

– creating images on the body is a very laborious process;

– paint is applied unevenly in most cases.

It is better to purchase special brushes and sponges of good face paint brands. Do not use makeup tools from beauty salons.


Some of the best face paint brands produce specialized water-based products that are approved for children’s creativity, so they are absolutely safe. Advantages of such markers:

– the applied layer does not crack;

– when the skin is stretched, the image does not wrinkle.

However, markers are small, so they cannot be used to create compositions of a large area. Otherwise, the work will take a very long time and will require the artist’s patience and perseverance.

Top face paint brands and their features

best face paint brands

A person who is just starting to get acquainted with body art will at first find it difficult to choose a coloring composition from a huge variety of products presented on store shelves. What is the best brand of face paint and which are the most trusted and in demand?


This is one of the most famous European brand. The manufacturer from Germany occupies a leading position in the market and offers creamy materials, pressed, airbrush fluids, special gloss for body painting. The brand is actively used not only by amateurs, but also by professional artists. There is a wide palette of shades:

– pearlescent;

– satin;

– glowing and iridescent in the dark;

– metallic.

There is an aerosol varnish that comes in a can. It can be sprayed not only on the skin but also on the hair.

Airbrush Air stream

 This is another of the good face paint brands. Products from the manufacturer KRYOLAN. It is sprayed on the face and body using the airbrushing technique. It is not suitable for brushing due to its very liquid consistency. The colorants used can be diluted with plain water.


Coatings of this brand are used not only for body art, but also for professional stage make-up, circus performances. The assortment is represented by face and body paints, glitters, special powders, etc. A wide palette of shades allows you to create even the most complex images.

Make-up Atelier Paris

Under this French brand, not only high-quality makeup cosmetics are produced, but also body painting makeup. The main advantages of the product:

– bright shades (matte or pearlescent);

– plasticity of the material;

– a wide range of creamy and pressed products;

– ease of application and rinsing; firmness.


Silicone based water-based paint specially formulated for body painting. The composition is made in Taiwan, has a translucent shade and can be easily sprayed with an airbrush. The coating dries very quickly and does not have a strong odor. You can mix different options from the palette to get new colors. It is better to use a special thinner of the same brand.


– sold in convenient bottles equipped with a dispenser;

– can be applied in various ways;

– does not contain toxic and other harmful components;

– dries quickly and washes off easily.


Water-based creamy formulations made in England are suitable for both professional body artists and beginners. The material is easy to use:

– Lightly dampen the brush or sponge.

– Grind the paint directly in the jar.

– Apply to face, hands or other body parts.

When changing the shade, each time you need to rinse the brush and other tool well. Store the opened jar with a tightly closed lid in its original packaging in a dark place. It is not recommended to apply the product to inflamed skin. Before use, it is better to test the composition on a small area of ​​the body to identify or exclude an allergic reaction.


A German company produces crayon paints, makeup crayons and finger painting products. The components of the coating are safe even for sensitive skin, so it is suitable for children’s creativity. Can be used on both face and torso.


Advantages of domestic pencil paints:

– made on a natural plant basis;

– easy to apply;

– do not get dirty;

– can be easily washed off the skin with soap or make-up remover;

– stains on clothes will disappear after a standard wash cycle.

New Morning

Coloring compositions from Russia are sold in small bottles of 27 ml, but one package is enough to make more than 100 images on the skin. The paint is very resistant and does not rub off from the surface for up to 2 days. You can choose the material as a regular texture, and glowing in the dark or under the influence of ultraviolet radiation. In order for the structure of the picture to be not disturbed, when using a stencil, it is worth removing it before the coating dries.

Edible body products from top face paint brands

On the art market, there are coloring compositions based on black, milk, white chocolate or protein cream with various flavors (cherry, vanilla, cinnamon, strawberry, raspberry, etc.). They can not only be applied to the torso, limbs and face, but also tasted. Confectionery body painting is of great interest for both children and adults. To prevent the applied coating from accidentally melting and flowing, it is necessary to use special food paints intended for making drawings on the body.

Popular face paint brands:

– Bijoux Indiscrets (Spain).

– Shunga (Canada).

– Dona (USA).

Review of the best face paint brands
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