The best face paint ideas for children and adults

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Getting ready for a themed party or event and want your face to look different? If you are ready for beauty experiments, then decide on the genre, and we will show you some ideas that you can use to paint your face.

Good face paint ideas

Face art should not be perceived solely as the creation of “pictures” on the face. You can even get creative with creating a smokey eye or drawing arrows.

For example, make the lines unusually wide. Discard the usual sharp ponytails. Move the focus to the inner corners. Or, say, instead of one arrow, draw two or even three – and not the same, but different in shape, width and other parameters.

You can even go beyond the established concepts of makeup. Let the eyelids be decorated with bright blots, splashes, watercolor stains, color spots reminiscent of the work of a graffiti artist, and other effects that cannot be called traditional for makeup.

By the same principle, you can play with lip makeup. Try to move the lip contour. You can decorate the “Arch of Cupid” in an original way. Another experimental solution is to “erase” the lips using concealer or dense flesh-tinted pigment, and paint on top of something new. For example, the continuation of the pattern on the cheeks. Other options include holographic streaks, paint smudges, sparkling stars … The choice is limited only by your imagination.

Beautiful face drawings

Artistic drawings, especially if they are large, create the effect of a beautiful carnival mask on the face. In this sense, such makeup will make a splash at a theme party, but it is unlikely to be appropriate in everyday life.

The large-scale face art will be very useful where the transformation of the guests is planned.

Take romantic, fabulous motives as a basis for the image. Judging by the work of makeup artists and beauty bloggers, floral designs look good on the face – ornate patterns with buds, stems, leaves, dew drops and other delicate details.

Oriental motifs can also be used in the drawings on the face. One of the options is mehendi patterns, which are usually used to decorate hands. If you love ethnic ornaments, try African or Latino styles. Another option is ancient Egyptian makeup, which uses symbols and drawings from bas-reliefs and monuments from the time of the pharaohs.

Drawings in the spirit of one of the latest beauty trends will be beautiful and unusual. We’re talking about cosmic makeup – with shimmering constellations, mysterious nebulae, distant planets and other beauties of the Universe.

Another trend is mermaid makeup: imitation of fish scales, pearlescent and holographic overflows, as well as an unusual color scheme, including blue, purple, green and many other shades.

Among the fashion trends in makeup was the pop art style that turns girls into heroines of Roy Lichtenstein’s paintings, inspired by comics. For such drawings on the face, the outline of the contours in black is characteristic.

The best face paint designs on Halloween

Halloween is the very case when the drawings on the face are exactly in place. This is the most budget-friendly way to try on a scary look, because you can do without a suit with face art.

When doing Halloween themed makeup, they are usually limited to a palette of three colors – white, black and red. It can be a bloody make-up with cuts, lacerations, abrasions and other terrible damage.

You can choose the image of a skeleton or its more feminine variation – calavera makeup (translated as “sugar skull”). In the latter, the details of the skull pattern are decorated with patterns and flowers.

Images of a dead bride, nun, doll, clown, zombie will be no less relevant on All Saints Day. All of them involve the creation of a full-fledged make-up, on which it is interesting to work and the result of which is always impressive.

The best face paint ideas for little drawings

You don’t have to turn your makeup into a full-fledged face art and limit yourself to small drawings that will interestingly complement the image.

It can be stars, snowflakes, hearts, small images of sweets, items of clothing, cosmetics and any other things that can create the desired mood. Examples are in this video.

Funny drawings on the face are also positively perceived – irony will never be superfluous in such a creative matter as face art.

Good face paint ideas for kids

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Professional masters who paint on their faces have already prepared a number of beautiful pictures, drawings or works they have already done. Any holiday has its own theme, and the images must correspond to it. Face drawings for children can be different, there are a lot of ideas.

The best face paint designs for girls:

– animals;

– plants;

– insects;

– cartoon characters.

When applying an image of animals, it usually does not require much effort, you just need to highlight the areas of the eyes, nose and mouth. Girls most often choose images of a cat, fox or lioness. Vegetation and floral designs look good on older girls. With the help of them, you can make images of fairies, nymphs or princesses. The standard colors for this motif are yellow, red, green and white.

The most common and simplest is the butterfly drawing. In this case, strict symmetry is required. When performing this image, you can show all your imagination and use all the variety of the palette of shades.

Boys very often choose cartoon characters, for example, Spiderman, or animal images. For boys, it is recommended to choose brighter colors for face painting.

Very often face painting is used for makeup, painting the body and face of actors who play on stage, so that their image looks more vivid. Also body paints can be used for professional photo sessions. Body paint can be used on a child too.

The best face paint ideas for children and adults
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