The best face paints for cosplay in 2021

Perfect war paint: top 10 best face paint

Do you want to go to a cosplay party? Obviously, in this case, you cannot do without face painting. To make your makeup bright and expressive, we have made for you a review of the best, in our opinion, face paint for cosplay.

Review of eight good face paint for cosplay

Go Green Face Paint – 16 colors

This water-based face paint has no toxic elements and reasonably safe – no lanolin, parabens, nuts or gluten. Has the highest rating for child safety. It is perfect for creating any outfit for parties, festivals and carnivals.

The paint is wash-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about your look deteriorating quickly. Also, the paint dries quickly enough, so you can apply it just a few minutes before the start of the action. In addition, the paint is easy to wash off with regular soap and warm water.

After you’ve finished putting on your makeup, don’t throw away the kit. Just close the lid and the paints can be stored for a long time until next use.

The paint consumption is quite moderate. With just one set, you can completely cover multiple faces.

Mosaiz Face Crayon Set – 12 Colors

This set is notable for the fact that it contains colors that are often not found in other sets, namely gold and silver. It also features the much-needed black color for Halloween and best white face paint for cosplay.

The crayons are safe for children as they are made from non-toxic materials that do not irritate the skin. You can be sure that after applying the pattern, the skin will not start to itch.

Crayons have a virtually unlimited shelf life, so you can use them over and over again.

Face painting kit for kids – 8 colors

There are only 8 paint colors in this set, but there are as many as 32 stencils. This makes it easy for even a beginner to master the task of face painting. Just attach the stencil and paint over the open areas with your favorite colors! Even a child can cope with this task. That’s why this set is great for birthdays, holidays, halloween, cosplay, and more.

Paints can be easily washed off with warm water and soap, and can also be removed with ordinary wet wipes. It does not irritate sensitive baby skin. The paint does not contain toxic substances and hypoallergens.

The paint applied to the face dries quickly enough, so it can be applied literally a few minutes before the start of the event. In this case, the drawing itself can be stored for 8 hours or more.

Midnight Glo Neon Face Paint – 6 Colors

The kit contains 8 fluorescent colors including the best white face paint for cosplay! Each color comes in a 0.75 oz bottle.

These colors are perfect for evening events as they glow in the dark! Moreover, they are safe for use, as evidenced by their compliance with ASTM D-4236. They don’t irritate the skin or cause redness. In addition, this set is relatively inexpensive.

Snazaroo Face Paint Set – 12 Colors

Suitable for sensitive skin – Snazaroo face colors are specially formulated to care for the most delicate skin and are fragrance-free. All Snazaroo face paints have been tested by professional dermatologists.

All face paints are water-based! This makes them as easy to remove as to put on. Just remove with warm water and soap; no need for cleaning agents or aggressive washes.

There is a face painting guide in the kit. It includes designs that can be created in 3 easy steps.

All Snazaroo face paint is made in the UK using only approved ingredients that are fully compliant with the FDA, toys and cosmetics regulations, and are non-toxic!

Face paint for cosplay Mehron Makeup Paradise AQ Magnetic – 30 colors

World renowned face and body paint preferred by professional artists around the world. Creating richly pigmented, beautiful and bold colors. The main advantage of the set is the presence of as many as 30 colors! This means that you can create significantly more varied designs than with other paints with fewer shades.

Perfect for Halloween, cosplay, special effects, extraordinary beauty, custom eyeliner, and more. Contains skin-friendly ingredients such as aloe, avocado, cucumber and vitamin E.

Perfect war paint: top 10 best face paint

Artiparty set – 12 colors

Professional face painting kit for festivals, carnivals, birthday parties, special effects, theatrical performances, major sporting events. In addition to the main 10 colors, the set contains silver and gold glitter, as well as 3 tassels.

Dermatologist tested, non-toxic, has no paraben or allergens – prevents skin burns, rashes and other allergies. It is completely non-toxic and FDA approved.

The paint is easy to apply and can also be easily washed off with water or using wet wipes. It is also important that it is quite cheap, at least cheaper than analogues from other manufacturers.

Face-Painting Kit Melissa & Doug – 6 Colors

This is a good face paint for cosplay for kids. There are few colors in it – only 6, but it is primarily intended so that children learn simple techniques before moving on to using more expensive paints.

The advantage of the set is a book with ideas on how to paint a face. Once your child has mastered simple techniques, they will be able to start using more varied palettes in the future.

Also noteworthy is the ease of application of the paint – to make it easy for children. They are washed off just as easily.


We hope that our small review of the best face paints for cosplay was useful to you and now you can make a good choice to make original drawings on your face for your party.

The best face paints for cosplay in 2021
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